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Siding replacement is one of the fastest and simplest ways to completely change the curb appeal of your home

Go from dreary and drab to fully restored with the siding contractors at Wallace Home Improvement. Your vinyl siding specialists in Portland, we've been bringing area homeowners beautiful, low-maintenance vinyl siding for 20 years! Let us use our experience and expertise to help you get the exterior siding products and installation you need. Call today for professional siding installers and a truly gorgeous home exterior.
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Originally developed during the 1950s, vinyl siding has come a long way since its introduction. More durable than ever, today's vinyl siding also offers improved appearance. Ranging from subtle wood grain to cedar shake textures, modern vinyl looks more like wood than ever! Affordable, sturdy, and low maintenance, vinyl siding is available in a full rainbow of colors to suit any home and style. And with vinyl options spanning the gamut from planks to shakes to scalloped shingles, you can get exactly the exterior siding look you want. Contact your local siding contractors at Wallace Home Improvement today: 207-756-0969 for a free estimate We can help you select the ideal siding products for your home as well as schedule your siding installation service. We're ready to help you get house siding you need at a price you can afford, so don't hesitate to contact us now.

Wallace Home Improvement is your area resource for professional siding replacement and new installation.

Providing a range of vinyl siding installation options, we have the knowledge, skills, and top-quality products to give your home a great new look! But remember, your house siding is about more than just appearances. The first line of defense against the elements, exterior siding also protects your home against rain, wind, insects, rodents, and other potential dangers. At Wallace Home Improvement, we have what it takes to ensure your new siding looks fabulous and performs at peak. Unlike with amateur installation that can lead to warping, cracking, buckling, and other damage, our experts will correctly and completely install your siding for long-term beauty and protection. Trust the siding contractor pros at Wallace Home Improvement for the best in vinyl siding installation!  Established in 1991, we have twenty years of experience helping Portland, Maine, families get the absolute most out of their kitchens.  Call us Today at 207-756-0969 for a free estimate.

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Nice and professional. Job was completed in two days and less than 3 weeks after I signed the contract. Price was reasonable and significantly better than some of the other offers I received.

Dave's crew did a great job,both on the work and cleanup. I also appreciated how Dave does business. I would like to know when they will come for the sign. Thx

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