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Providing durability, longevity, and greatly improved looks, modern metal roofing materials are a great option for your home.

While metal roofing used to be confined to the realm of barns or industrial buildings, this high-performance roofing material has exponentially expanded into the residential market in recent years. Upgrade today with a metal roof from Wallace Home Improvement. Our roofers have the standing seam metal roofing you need for superior roof life and performance. Bringing you top-quality installation expertise and fantastic products, Wallace Home Improvement is ready to help you get the myriad benefits of a metal roof. Call today to find out how! 207-756-0969 for a free estimate.

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Made from durable steel, standing seam metal roofing provides long-term performance and attractive looks.

With a full palette of colors and finishes available, there's a metal roof designed to complement any architectural style and any home. Standing seam metal roofs are formed from long panels that run from ridge to eaves; the panel seams are overlapped and crimped together for a watertight seal. Creating the distinctive "standing seams" of your metal roof, these innovative joins ensure no water seeps between the panels no matter how hard it rains! Light-weight but sturdy, your residential metal roofing from Wallace Home Improvement provides superior long-term protection and performance. In fact, metal roofing is known for typically lasting the lifetime of a house. While asphalt shingles generally have to be replaced every 17 years, your metal roof will keep on going strong! Extremely cost-effective in the long term, attractive, and practical, a metal roof is a great option for just about any home.

Additional advantages of metal roofing materials can include:

  • No snow load: Particularly important in Maine's harsh climate, metal roofing can bring you additional peace of mind during winter storms. Snow slides right off your metal roof, meaning that there is essentially no snow load. So while others are climbing onto the roof to shovel off snowdrifts, you can stay inside your warm house!
  • Energy efficiency: The metal of your roof reflects the heat of the sun, reducing solar heat gain to keep your home more energy efficient during the hot summer months. Many metal roofs may even be eligible for the Energy Star Federal Tax Credit.
  • Fast installation: Installing standing seam metal roofs is fast! Unlike three-tab shingles that have to be nailed down separately, metal roofing goes on in large sheets. That means efficient installation for minimum disruption of your life and maximum protection for your home. At Wallace Home Improvement, our roofing contractors take great pride in correct, quick installation and gorgeous metal roofing results!

If you're ready to experience the eye-catching beauty and durable performance of residential metal roofing, you need to call Wallace Home Improvement today. Our roofers are ready to help you select the ideal metal roofing materials for your home and then supply competent, professional installation. We're here to help you get the most out of your home with a metal roof, so contact us now! 207-756-0969 for a free estimate.

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Dave's crew did a great job,both on the work and cleanup. I also appreciated how Dave does business. I would like to know when they will come for the sign. Thx

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