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Get roofing services you can trust. Try Wallace Home Improvement for your next project.

Yarmouth’s coastal location means your roof withstands significant moisture and wind. You need a sturdy, high-quality roof to combat temperatures below freezing. Wallace Home Improvement is your leading roofing contractor in Yarmouth, Maine.

As a dedicated roofing company, Wallace Home Improvement commits to providing high-quality roofing and remodeling services. From siding installation to roofing maintenance, we do it all. You can rely on us for skilled, friendly, and detailed service no matter the job.

Read our customer reviews to discover why our clients love us.

Residential Roofing

As a comprehensive roofing contractor, our residential services resolve Yarmouth homeowners’ biggest inconveniences. Our roofers arrive promptly and leave your yard as clean as it first was. Improve your curb appeal and household protection with us.

Contact Wallace Home Improvement when you need any of the following services:
● Asphalt shingle roofing
● Gutter installation
● Vinyl siding installation
● Metal roofing installation
● Roof repairs

Roof Installation

After around 20 years of sustaining Yarmouth’s wind and rain, your roof will struggle to protect your home effectively, especially without regular maintenance. Wallace Home Improvement can perform a roof installation that lasts. We will notify you if your roof damage warrants a complete replacement.

We can also install roofs for new housing projects. Our roofers are licensed, bonded, and have significant expertise. Trust us for a high-quality job that lasts longer than installations from competing roofing companies.

Roof Repair

Getting roof repairs as soon as you notice damage will prevent serious future damage. An expert roofer will inspect your roof, diagnose its issues, and provide a free quote. Our affordable prices make roof repairs accessible.

Contact Wallace Home Improvement for prompt repairs. Our team uses their professional education and in-field training to successfully:
● Replace damaged shingles
● Divert water runoff
● Reapply ridge capping and flashing
● Patch leaks

Using nail gun to install asphalt shingles

Water-damaged siding and ineffective gutters are no match for Wallace Home Improvement. Consider our additional services, including roof maintenance, to extend gutter and siding longevity.

Does your roof have missing shingles or water stains on your ceiling? Don’t hesitate to contact us for residential roofing needs.

If you need a professional roofing contractor in Yarmouth, ME, contact Wallace Home Improvement. We’ll meet your needs with precise roofing services. Call our expert roofers today at 207-756-0969.

A roofing company you can trust!

Nice and professional. Job was completed in two days and less than 3 weeks after I signed the contract. Price was reasonable and significantly better than some of the other offers I received.

Dave's crew did a great job,both on the work and cleanup. I also appreciated how Dave does business. I would like to know when they will come for the sign. Thx

For your peace of mind, protection, and safety, Wallace Home Improvement is fully insured.

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