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Freeport, Maine’s harsh weather means your roof is a significant investment that needs regular maintenance and repairs. Whether you need a new roof installation, roof repair, or new vinyl siding, Wallace Home Improvement can help. As your leading roofing contractor, we have over 30 years of experience.

Wallace Home Improvement meets all your residential roofing needs. Our family-owned company understands the inconveniences of a damaged roof. We can repair leaky asphalt shingle roofing, install metal roofing, and more.

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Roof Repair

Snow and ice are the main causes of roof repairs in Freeport. Our team solves your roof’s issues using years of training and top-of-the-line equipment. Whether you need significant reroofing or minor repairs, we’ll fix your roof quickly and effectively.

We begin with a free inspection to survey the damage. Wallace Home Improvement offers free estimates for repairs and other services. We won’t make changes to your roof without approval.

No task is too difficult for us. We tackle your repairs with enthusiasm and skill.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance goes far in preventing damage and monitoring your roof’s condition. Wallace Home Improvement implements maintenance plans for residential roofs in Freeport. We’ll establish a program to ensure your roof lasts long.

A licensed, bonded roofer will do the following and more:

● Inspect your roof for damage
● Clean gutters to remove clogs and other debris
● Remove debris on the roof
● Repair leaks and structural damage

Comprehensive Roofing Services in Freeport, ME

As a top roofing contractor serving Freeport, ME, we understand your concerns. You may need additional services after debris from the roof clogs your gutters and water damages vinyl siding. Unlike other roofing companies, we offer extensive roofing services, including:

● Residential roof repair
● Gutter installation
● Siding installation
● Asphalt roofing
● Metal roofing


We maintain high standards for materials, pricing, and professionalism. Rest assured that your project will be precise, clean, and affordable. Our roofers will improve your home’s curb appeal and leave your property looking fresh.

Interested in learning more? Find out more about us before scheduling service.

When you need an expert roofing contractor, Wallace Home Improvement is at your service. Choose us for all your roofing needs. Contact us today at 207-756-0969 to schedule service.

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Nice and professional. Job was completed in two days and less than 3 weeks after I signed the contract. Price was reasonable and significantly better than some of the other offers I received.

Dave's crew did a great job,both on the work and cleanup. I also appreciated how Dave does business. I would like to know when they will come for the sign. Thx

For your peace of mind, protection, and safety, Wallace Home Improvement is fully insured.

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