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When it’s time to install, repair, or replace the roof of your home, you will need a reliable roofer to provide the services you need. Wallace Home Improvement offers all of the exterior home improvement services you need in Cumberland, ME.

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Expert Exterior Remodeling Services in Cumberland

Is it time to update the exterior of your home? If so, you need to find a skilled local roofing contractor with experience.

Roofing companies like Wallace Home Improvement perform a wide variety of services:

● Residential roofing installation, repair, and replacement
● Siding installation, including vinyl siding replacement
● Seamless aluminum gutter installation

With the skills of a well-rounded roofing contractor, you can enjoy the safety of a strong roof and siding while also improving the appearance and value of your home. New seamless aluminum gutters smoothly guide rainfall and snowmelt away from your home without detracting from curb appeal.

Residential Roofing for Cumberland Homes

Roofing contractors offer many options for your home’s roofing. Each type of roofing meets a different need or aesthetic. Popular and durable options for homes in Cumberland, Maine, include:

● Asphalt shingle roofing – a classic choice available in a wide variety of colors and textures
● Metal roofing – a cost-effective and highly durable option that reduces snow load and energy consumption
● Flat rubber roofing – a popular choice for low-slope and flat roofing needs that provides water-proof capabilities

Each material carries its own benefits and drawbacks. Your local roofing contractor can tell you more about the myriad benefits of each type of roofing material.

Roof Repair for Cumberland, ME, Residents

Every roof will eventually require a little attention. Over time, your roof materials will begin to degrade and weaken. In some cases, a storm can sweep through the region, leaving damaged roofs in its wake.

Your local roofing contractor can provide necessary repairs or even replace the entire roof. Don’t wait for minor damage to become a significant problem. Wallace Home Improvement can help.

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Are you looking for a local roofing contractor for repairs or complete replacement of your roof? Call Wallace Home Improvement at 207-756-0969 to speak with a reliable roofing contractor in Cumberland, Maine.

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We maintain high standards for materials, pricing, and professionalism. Rest assured that your project will be precise, clean, and affordable. Our roofers will improve your home’s curb appeal and leave your property looking fresh.

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When you need an expert roofing contractor, Wallace Home Improvement is at your service. Choose us for all your roofing needs. Contact us today at 207-756-0969 to schedule service.

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Nice and professional. Job was completed in two days and less than 3 weeks after I signed the contract. Price was reasonable and significantly better than some of the other offers I received.

Dave's crew did a great job,both on the work and cleanup. I also appreciated how Dave does business. I would like to know when they will come for the sign. Thx

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